We will be with your school for a morning or afternoon session and will deliver a lesson to meet the needs of your children. As two practising primary school teachers we understand how every school is different and may want varying outcomes to coincide with your topic.  This is why at Teach Rex YOU tell us what you want us to deliver, and we will accommodate this.


The basic structure of one of our sessions will involve a 30 minute role play and explanation of the T-Rex and history of dinosaurs. The second session will give the children the opportunity to interact with the dinosaur, take photographs and ask questions about dinosaurs.

In a third optional session we can visit other year groups around the school or even invite them to the hall to meet Teach Rex and experience the awe and wonder we create. As two teachers we understand that the excitement of an experience like this can take over a school and we want as many children as possible to join us on our pre historic journey and engage their imaginations.


When we come to your school we will give you a scheme of writing to continue the excitement from the dinosaur visit. This is an additional service that we provide that is included in our price and is at the discretion of the school as to how to use it. 

With the ever increasing pressures placed upon learning outcomes of Pupil Premium children, we believe this is an excellent resource to aid in progressing and developing the writing skills of your pupils. We want to give as many children the opportunity to delve into their imaginations and experience something out of the ordinary. We aim to create a love of writing. We have seen first hand the impact Teach Rex has on boys writing and how a hook can inspire, motivate and improve children’s writing.