Wall Of Fame

At Teach Rex we are passionate about creating awe and wonder for children. We provide them with the opportunity to engage their imaginations and be children no matter what their circumstance.

We believe it is essential that children are engaged in their learning so that they maximise their potential and produce quality work. At Teach Rex we give children the opportunity to express their creativity by taking part in our national competition. When we visit schools we give teachers ideas for follow up writing that can be delivered to the children when we have left. This ensures that the buzz of our visit is continued and helps promote better writing from children. The pieces of work that stand out to teachers for being above and beyond the pupils typical standard of work are published on our Wall Of Fame. This is a tremendous accolade because our website is accessible across the UK.



Hoylake Holy Trinity C0fE Primary School

Thank you Letter to Jam (Year 1 Winner – Sylvia)

Dear Jam,

I am writing to you because I want to thank you for coming to our school. You were magnificent!

I was a bit scared at first but then I realised that you were nice.

My favourite part was when some people had meat behind their backs.

I learnt that your teeth were actually not razor sharp. I also saw how you ate.

Did you learn anything from us? Where did you go? Will you come back to our school?

Love from


Rose Hill Primary School

Recount of Jam visiting school (Year 1 Winner)

Today at Rose Hill Primary School, a ferocious T Rex marched into the hall.

It was a normal school morning and the class were reading quietly. Meanwhile, Mum, Dads, Nans and Grandads were leaving and the teacher was happily wondering around the classroom. Unexpectedly, another teacher came in with an anxious look on her face and said “There is a creepy noise coming from the hall!”.

When we were going down the corridor, people were nervous but excited! In the hall, we heard a strange noise and then an enormous roar. We called for Jam the T Rex and then he appeared!

We got to touch his wrinkly skin. After that, he used his sense of smell to sniff out his food and we learned all about his teeth and how fast he could run.

I can’t believe we got to meet a dinosaur – best day ever!