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Dinosaur Workshops for Primary Schools | Teach Rex
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New Age Education – with our team of dinosaurs and teachers, an experience outside the classroom.

Workshop No.1 – Meet Jam

The first session involves a science focused workshop discussing the evolution of science and why it so important to ask the question ‘why’. This is an interactive workshop, with ‘Jam’ our 4 metre dinosaur, that is designed to get children of all ages thinking scientifically.

The workshop has been adapted to incorporate language that has been prominent in SATS papers over the past two years and aims to familiarize children with a range of vocabulary.

Workshop No.2 – Green Screen

The second workshop focuses on expanding vocabulary and encouraging children to verbally discuss ideas that transfer into writing, using our green screen to ignite their imaginations. This is differentiated from EYFS to Year 6.

All of the content in this workshop is directly linked to writing, drama and ICT outcomes. All edited videos will be sent to your school for evidence and for children to see their marvellous work on the big screen.

Workshop No.3 – iPads

The third workshop gives children the opportunity to work in small groups and apply the skills they learnt from Workshop 2.

Children will create their own ‘Green Screen’ videos using ipads and share with their peers. Younger children will use the ipads to orally rehearse sentences and make a video, using technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

Please send us an email or give us a call and we can go through which workshops would work best for your school and what subjects would be targeted.


Before Our Visit

We send your school dinosaur eggs that can be used as a hook into our visit.

The eggs are there for your school to use at your discretion, however, we have found that they are a great way to hook children into their learning before we visit.

‘Curriculum Idea Packs’

Prior to the visit, we will send your school a ‘Curriculum Ideas Pack’. This pack primarily aims at giving teachers ideas for learning opportunities that are linked to our visit.

It can be used as much, or as little, as your school wishes and is a free resource that we have created in partnership with Senior Leadership at Oakwood Avenue Primary School in Warrington.

After Our Visit

After our visit we encourage all members of staff to send us children’s work. We then send your school a written letter to celebrate the children who have made a special effort.

Following on from this we also send the children selected by their teachers a dinosaur poster. This has proven to be an extremely effective way in giving children a purpose to write and motivating reluctant writers.

It's Dino Time

It’s Dino Time!



Nice to meet you

Nice To Meet You

Who's a good boy?

Who’s A Good Boy!?

Making Friends

Making Friends!

EYFS Dinosaur Workshops

Of course, our dinosaurs aren’t just for KS1 and KS2. We offer an entire workshop dedicated to younger children in your Early Years Foundation Stage groups. We know grown-up dinosaurs can be a bit scary for smaller children. That’s why, in these workshops, they get to interact with our baby dinosaurs, creating a fun and safe environment for learning.


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