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EYFS Animals Workshop

Children will have the opportunity to meet baby Sloths and baby Cherokees, all of which have different personalities and problems that they have to deal with. With the help of the children these animals can overcome their problems. This workshop is an interactive session that can take place in the classroom and it focusses on personal, social, and emotional development.

Baby Animals for Young Explorers

We understand that a fully-grown gorilla or Orangutan can be a little intimidating for younger children, but with the latest additions to the Teach Rex family, that needn’t be a problem.

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our baby Sloths and Cherokees. These fabulous animals have allowed us to develop a whole new series of workshops aimed at Nursery and EYFS-level children. Designed to enhance their learning experience, our baby animals workshops give children the opportunity to explore exciting new concepts in a fun and safe environment.

Here’s what you can expect from our EYFS Workshop…

Workshop One: Meet the baby animals

Children will have a chance to meet a range of different animals, all of which are unique and have their own personalities. Our EYFS baby animal workshop has been designed and developed by experienced EYFS practitioners, with each session focusing on personal, social, and emotional development. While they get to know their new friends, we use effective questioning to explore different emotions and feelings with the children.

Workshop Two: Green screen

This is a fantastic way to evidence the children’s day with the animals. We work in groups to edit, make movies, and take still pictures of the children against the green screen. Using this technology, it allows us to transport the children to the jungle, where many animals live. After meeting the animals and getting to know their personalities, the children will be given the chance to choose their favourite and explain why this is. Finally, they are allowed to handle their favourite Sloth or Cherokee and get a photograph to provide evidence of the big moment.

All photographs and videos will be edited on the day by a member of the team and sent to the teaching staff before the team leave. Everything will then be deleted following GDPR guidelines.

Workshop Three: The Gorilla or Orangutan!

From the start, we have encouraged younger children to interact with our larger animals, this is something we intend to continue. This will take place in a relaxed atmosphere, and we will be able to prepare the children throughout the morning, getting them more comfortable with our presence and the baby animals. Through the power of storytelling, we are able to create an emotional attachment between the children and gorilla or orangutan before the big reveal.

If you have any concerns or queries about your EYFS children meeting our larger animals, please let us know and we will talk you through the process. At Teach Rex, we create an environment in which our stories and animals will bring smiles instead of screams.

So soft!

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Making Friends!

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