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EYFS Workshops

At Teach Rex, we are always looking for ways to expand our reach, providing more educational opportunities to more children across the country. With our new workshop, specially-tailored for Early Years Foundation Stage children, that’s exactly what we have done.

Nursery EYF

Young dinosaurs for young minds

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of new baby dinosaurs to the Teach Rex family. These have given us the opportunity to create a brand-new series of workshops to enhance the learning experience for younger children. Our baby dinosaurs allow the children to explore exciting new concepts that we have not approached in previous workshops.

We understand that our bigger dinosaurs might be a little scary for younger kids – with our latest arrivals, that’s no longer a problem..

Here’s what you can expect from our EYFS Workshop…

Structure of the day

We are teachers ourselves, so we understand that every school has its own way of working. Likewise, we know just how important a regular routine is, especially for the youngest members of the school. We are happy to adjust any aspect of our EYFS workshops to meet the particular demands of your Nursery and EYFS provisions. We will spend time with you ahead of our visit, structuring the day to make best use of our time in your school.

Ideas Pack and dinosaur resources

We have partnered with the incredible team at Teachers Pet, through whom we are able to offer a wide selection of learning resources. These are unique to Teach Rex and Teachers Pet and include display content and other resources that directly link to our Continuous Provision box and Ideas Pack. All these resources are designed to meet the Early Years Learning Goals, ensuring our visit has a strong educational purpose.

Workshop One: Meet the baby dinosaurs

The children will have a chance to meet our five different baby dinosaurs as we introduce them to a range of different personalities. This workshop has been created by EYFS practitioners and focusses on personal, social and emotional development. Through effective questioning we will explore different feelings and emotions with the children, while they get to know some pretty impressive dinosaurs.

Workshop Two: Green screen

This is a fantastic way to evidence the children’s day with the dinosaurs. We work in groups to edit and make movies and take still pictures against the green screen. This lets us transport the children to a jungle, long ago, where dinosaurs roamed the world. After meeting the dinosaurs and getting to know their personalities, the children will be given the chance to choose their favourite and explain why this is. Finally, they are allowed to handle their favourite dinosaur and get a photograph of the big moment.

Workshop Three: Meet Jam!

From the start, we have encouraged younger children to interact with our larger dinosaur, Jam and this is something we intend to continue. This will take place in a relaxed atmosphere and we will be able to prepare the children throughout the morning, getting them more comfortable with our presence and the other dinosaurs. If you have any concerns or queries about your EYFS children meeting our larger dinosaurs, please let us know and will talk you through the process. At Teach Rex, we create an environment in which our dinosaurs will bring smiles instead of screams.

It's Dino Time

It’s Dino Time!



Nice to meet you

Nice To Meet You

Who's a good boy?

Who’s A Good Boy!?

Making Friends

Making Friends!

Get in touch

For more information about our EYFS Workshop, or to book the team and our baby dinosaurs for you school, get in touch with Teach Rex today.


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