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Teach Rex International

We are delighted to be able to offer our workshops to schools Internationally! The workshops available to schools will be the ‘Gorilla – Our World’ workshops and all of our ‘Dinosaur Workshops’. The content of each workshop available is the same as the services we provide here in the UK – so please follow the links and watch a video to see what a day in your school could like.

Organising a day!

At Teach Rex we work closely with schools to design a day that works best for your school. As teachers we understand every school is different, therefore take time to structure a day to ensure that the time spent in your school is utilised.


As well as delivering our workshops Internationally, we are continuing to work with schools all over the UK. Therefore, our availability for workshops Internationally is not flexible. If you wanted to organise a visit, it would need to be during the designated weeks of the year that we are taking bookings.

✈️ We are delighted to announce our UAE dates for the 2023/2024 academic year!✈️

🇦🇪 WB – 25th September

🇦🇪 WB – 29th January

🇦🇪 WB – 3rd June

All of our Dinosaur & Gorilla workshops are available for the dates above!


Before Our Visit

We will work closely with your school (no matter the size) to organise a visit that best suits the targeted children. Depending on what experience you are booking (Gorilla – Our Works or Dinosaurs) we will send your school dinosaur eggs or a poster that can be used as a hook into our visit.

These can be used by your school to use at your discretion, however, we have found that they are a great way to hook children into their learning before we visit.

‘Curriculum Idea Packs’

Before our visit, we will send your school a Teacher Ideas Pack. The ideas pack aims at giving teachers and staff ideas for teaching before and after our visit.

It can be used as much as your school wishes and is a free resource that we have created in conjunction with Senior Leadership at Oakwood Avenue Primary School in Warrington. All of the ideas in the packs have been linked to a variety of texts that are differentiated and suited to children of all ages.

The team at ‘Teachers Pet’ have created an array of wonderful resources directly linked to workshops that are also free and available to download. These resources include writing templates, continuous provision content and many other things to assist with teaching and learning in the classroom!

After Our Visit

After our visit we encourage all members of staff to send us children’s work. We then send your school a written letter to celebrate the children who have made a special effort.

Following on from this we also send the children selected by their teachers a dragon poster. This has proven to be an extremely effective way in giving children a purpose to write and it also motivates reluctant writers.


EYFS Dinosaur Workshops

Children will have a chance to meet a range of different dinosaurs that are all unique and have different personalities. This workshop is an interactive session that can take place in the classroom, it focusses on personal, social, and emotional development. Through effective questioning we will explore different feelings and emotions with the children, while they get to know some impressive dinosaurs along the way.

EYFS Dragon Workshops

Of course, the magical and mystical world of dragons is for children of all ages, not just KS1 and KS2 students. Knowing that a full-grown dragon (even one as friendly as Sol) can be scary for little children, we’ve put together an entire workshop just for your Early Years Foundation Stage groups. The children get to spend time with our baby dragons in a fund and safe learning environment.

It’s Dino Time

Nice to meet you

It's Dino Time


Was it you?



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