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The Magic of Learning Through Experience

Engaging Young Minds

At Teach Rex, we believe every child deserves spectacular opportunities and memorable experiences.

We use the curriculum and our experience in teaching to create an inclusive, purposeful learning environment, with interactive workshops that captivate, inspire and educate.

Our dynamic approach includes sessions on dinosaurs and dragons, as well as present-day rainforest animals like gorillas and orangutans. This provides a comprehensive educational experience that spans prehistory, mythical creatures and current environmental issues.

Our mission is to transform education into a vibrant, fun-filled journey, where each lesson is an adventure, and every discovery fuels the next.

A Journey Through Time and Nature

Teach Rex workshops offer immersive experiences, from the prehistoric world of dinosaurs to the current challenges facing our rainforests.

Each session transports children to a world of dinosaurs, dragons and mesmerising animals, enabling pupils to experience something truly magical. How better to hook a class into a topic than bringing a dinosaur, dragon, gorilla or even an orangutan in to see them!

As well as being fun for pupils, these engaging experiences help to foster a deep, emotional connection to learning.

Dinosaurs: Giants of the Past

Our dinosaur workshops transport children back to a time when these magnificent creatures roamed the Earth.

By interacting with life-sized models and engaging in hands-on activities, students not only learn about paleontology but also grasp the concept of time, evolution, and the importance of scientific inquiry.

These sessions promote an interest in science and storytelling as well as emotional awareness and development.

Rainforests: Our Planet’s Lungs

Our gorilla and orangutan workshops highlight the critical importance of rainforests. Through storytelling and interactive play, we delve into themes of conservation, biodiversity, and sustainability, illustrating the interconnectedness of all living things and the pivotal role children can play in protecting our planet.

In our Gorilla workshops, children visit Thomas in his rainforest home and learn how human behaviour impacts the environment—for good and bad.

We make learning about rainforests fun and memorable, while emphasizing the importance of preserving our planet.

These sessions promote lively discussion among the children in attendance and help to expand their vocabulary, as they get deeply involved in the idea that they have a key role to play in our planet’s future.

Mythical Journeys: Interactive Dragon Storytelling

Teach Rex offers a series of dragon-themed workshops, which are designed to spark children’s imaginations and enhance their learning experience.

These workshops include interactive storytelling where children become part of the narrative, use of green screen technology to bring their ideas to life visually, and opportunities to create their own green screen movies. These activities are crafted to expand vocabulary, encourage creative thinking, and support collaborative learning, making the mythical world of dragons an educational journey.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

We believe in taking students on an educational adventure.

Our sessions are designed to spark curiosity, promote critical thinking, and encourage active participation, making every lesson an exciting discovery.

Why It Works – The Power of Experiential Learning

The reason is simple: children learn best by doing. Whether it’s exploring the age of dinosaurs or understanding the delicate balance of rainforests, our interactive workshops offer a rich, engaging platform that speaks directly to young learners. By touching, seeing, and engaging with the material, concepts become tangible, making learning not just fun and memorable, but deeply impactful.

Beyond Academic Achievement

We believe that positive learning experiences at a young age stay with pupils well into adulthood, helping them develop and reinforce key skills throughout their lives.

As children collaborate to solve problems and navigate the stories and challenges we present, they develop essential life skills such as teamwork, empathy, and resilience.

Join the Adventure

Each Teach Rex session is a journey of curiosity and wonder, designed to ignite a lifelong passion for learning. We invite educators to join us in this mission, to bring the magic of experiential learning into your classrooms and witness the transformation in your students’ engagement and understanding.

We’re committed to supporting teachers in creating a learning environment where every child feels inspired, challenged, and valued. With Teach Rex, education is not just about transferring knowledge; it’s about creating a community of learners who are excited to discover the world around them.

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