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Teach Rex Workshops: Supporting Teachers Every Step of the Way

Teaching can be challenging, especially when trying to keep students engaged and excited about learning. Here at Teach Rex, we offer valuable support through our dynamic and interactive workshops, along with the resources to create magical educational experiences. Here’s how our experience in teaching can help support you and engage your students.

Engaging and Interactive

Our workshops bring various subjects to life, capturing students’ imaginations and making learning fun. From dinosaurs and dragons to gorillas and orangutans, our workshops are designed to be interactive. Our lifelike creatures work alongside traditional teaching methods to engage students. This hands-on approach helps spark students’ curiosity and enthusiasm, making it easier for you to maintain their interest.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Workshops

We offer specialised EYFS workshops designed to engage younger children. These include EYFS dinosaurs, dragons, and animal workshops, each tailored to suit the developmental stages and interests of young learners. Our workshops use smaller, less intimidating creatures and interactive activities to ensure a fun and safe learning environment.

Curriculum Focused Resources

We partner with Teacher’s Pet to provide high-quality learning resources that complement our workshops. These resources are designed to integrate with your school curriculums and are differentiated by year group and ability, helping you to extend the learning experience beyond the workshop. Available resources include activity sheets and interactive whiteboard materials directly linked to the topics covered in our workshops.

Example resources include:

Fact Files: Detailed information sheets about the workshop topic to support lessons.

Creative Writing Prompts: Engaging prompts based on the workshop themes to encourage students to write creatively.

Maths Worksheets: Workshop-themed maths problems to make learning numbers and calculations more exciting.


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Lesson Planning

We provide you with valuable resources and ideas for lesson planning. Our workshops come with pre-visit materials that can be used to prepare students and post-visit activities that help to reinforce what they have learned. This ensures that the learning experience is not just a one-off event but part of a continuous educational journey.

Some examples of our materials include:

Pre-Visit Activities

Dinosaur Eggs: Used as a hook to capture students’ interest before the workshop.

Curriculum Idea Packs: Created in partnership with educational professionals, these packs provide ideas for learning opportunities linked to the workshop.

Post-Visit Activities

Follow-Up Letters: We send letters to celebrate students’ efforts, motivating them to continue their learning.

Special Prizes: Sent to students who have made a special effort, reminding them of their learning experience.

Empowering Teachers

At Teach Rex, we enrich students’ learning experiences and support teaching staff by providing valuable resources through partnerships like Teacher’s Pet. By offering interactive workshops, curriculum-aligned resources, and inclusive activities, we help you to create engaging and effective learning environments for your students.

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