We will be with your school for a morning, afternoon or day session and will deliver workshops to meet the needs of your children. 

The first session involves a science focused workshop discussing the evolution of science and why it so important to ask the question ‘why’. This is an interactive workshop, with ‘Jam’ our 4 metre dinosaur, that is designed to get children of all ages thinking scientifically.

The workshop has been adapted to incorporate language that has been prominent in SATS papers over the past two years and aims to familarise children with a range of vocabulary.

The second workshop focuses on expanding vocabulary and encouraging children to verbally discuss ideas that transfer into writing, using our green screen to ignite their imaginations. This is differentiated from EYFS to Year 6. All of the content in this workshop is directly linked to writing, drama and ICT outcomes. All edited videos will be sent to your school for evidence and for children to see their marvellous work on the big screen.

All of our workshops are differentiated to make them accessible for children of all ages. We are currently working with children in nurseries through to Year 7. If you have any questions with regards to suitability of content please send us an email and we are happy to go through it in greater detail.