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Our Workshops at a Glance

As we start a new academic year, we’re gearing up for an exciting 2023–24, ready to introduce our dragons, dinosaurs, and gorillas to a new audience of excited children (and teachers!). We have an impressive selection of workshops already in the bag, and we cannot wait to start doing what we love most: getting kids interested in learning.

For those of you that are new to our site, these are just some of the live workshops that we run:

Dinosaur Workshops

Our dinosaur workshops feature our 4m dinosaur Jam and are designed to get children of all ages thinking scientifically. In the first workshop, we discuss the evolution of science and the importance of asking questions to understand the world around us. In the following workshops, we build on this idea, introducing new vocabulary, encouraging discussion on the topics we have covered, and using our green screen to spark their imaginations.

Dragon Workshops

With a mythical beast (our dragon, Sol) taking centre stage in this series of workshops, it should come as no surprise that these focus on the magic of storytelling. We use an innovative approach that allows the children to become part of the story, actively using their imaginations and wondering what happens next. From there, we help the children extend their vocabulary and talk about the story in a meaningful way, encouraging them to think up and develop their own original ending to the tale.

Gorilla Workshops

Our gorilla workshops focus on the topics of sustainability and the human impact on the world, both positive and negative. The star of the show is Thomas the Gorilla, and the children will develop an emotional attachment to him as they learn his story throughout the three workshops. Combined, the workshops help children understand the environment and their role within it, as well as expand their vocabulary, drama, and ICT skills.

EYFS Workshops

When we started out, our workshops weren’t really intended for the youngest primary school students. While there was nothing to worry about in terms of content, we were aware that giant dinosaurs and dragons looming overhead (even friendly ones like ours) could be scary for little kids. Not wanting them to miss out, we rewrote and restructured our workshops for a slightly younger audience, pitching them to their level and introducing our clutch of baby dinosaurs and dragons into the Teach Rex family.

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