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50/50 Enterprise Challenge 2022

We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for their annual 50/50 Enterprise Challenge. This fantastic opportunity takes place in primary schools across the UK and encourages teamwork, initiative, leadership, creativity, and so much more. The challenge also raises vital funds for the Foundation, helping support people whose lives have been affected by lung cancer.

How the 50/50 Enterprise Challenge works

The challenge is aimed at KS2 primary school children, aged between 9 and 11 (although pupils of any age can get involved). 50 schools from across the country can take part, with each school being given a £50.00 loan from the Foundation. The challenge? Why that’s simple – take that £50.00 starter and make it grow!

How each school chooses to make their loan work for them is down to the children. They could spend it on ingredients to make cakes for a bake sale. They could buy seedlings that they could grow and sell. They could buy £50.00 worth of prizes for a raffle.

Really, the only limit is the kids’ own imaginations and creativity.

They have 50 days to turn that £50.00 into a profit. During that time, there are lesson plans, resources, and fun activities to take part in, all provided by the Foundation when you sign up. It’s a flexible challenge, giving all the children a chance to get involved in design, marketing, planning, and more.

At the end of the challenge, all the profits will be fed back to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, allowing them to continue with the incredible work they do.

Why take part in the 50/50 Enterprise Challenge?

Aside from helping the UK’s foremost lung cancer charity, the challenge offers great rewards to all participating schools. There are prizes on offer (including a free Teach Rex workshop), but the benefits to all children involved are well worth your consideration.

The programme allows children to develop core skills which will help them at school and in the future. These include mathematics, English, teamwork, responsibility, creativity, leadership, money management, and more.

How Teach Rex are getting involved

Here at Teach Rex, we are always in awe at the work performed by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. For over thirty years, they have been providing crucial support to anyone affected by this terrible condition. They help those affected at every stage, from diagnosis and treatment, through living with the disease and end-of-life care.

When we heard about the 50/50 Enterprise Challenge, we knew that we wanted to get involved.

We have donated one of our educational workshops to the school that raises the most money throughout the challenge. All our workshops are fun, engaging, and created to complement the National Curriculum. We look forward to meeting and congratulating the winning school.

How you can take part

If you want to put your school forward for one of the 50/50 Enterprise Challenge places, visit the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation page today and send an application.

If you don’t make the shortlist and still want to experience an engaging educational workshop from Teach Rex, send the team an email to and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.