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COVID-19 & Teach Rex at Events

If we learned nothing else from the events of Jurassic Park it’s that you can’t keep dinosaurs down for long.

Like most external education providers, the Teach Rex team has been in a state of suspended animation – trapped like a mosquito in amber, if you like – since the nationwide lockdown that started in March.

Now, some six months later, we’re pleased to announce that we’re back!

As small events begin to cautiously tiptoe their way back into the limelight, the Teach Rex team have been busy rearranging and penciling in new dates for postponed shows, but also new exciting ones too. To find out when these events are please visit their social media platforms. All of Teach Rex shows will follow strict government guidelines so please be patient with new dates and customer protocols. For more information on how Teach Rex shows will work for the foreseeable future please read on, there is also important information as to what the team expect from customers attending shows.


By following government guidelines, Teach Rex have reduced capacity and added extra shows to minimise numbers at each show. This means they are able to provide each family their own socially distanced bench or cluster of chairs. The space will be sanitised before and after each show, in preparation for a new audience. The show itself will not change too much. The only thing you may notice is that we will be cleaning the dinosaurs throughout the show after any audience interaction.

Below, we have added a few instructions that everybody must follow to abide by government guidelines. Stay safe!

We wear visors during our events, both for the protection of our team and to demonstrate our commitment to safety precautions.

All our dinosaurs are thoroughly sanitised before, during, and after each workshop. Likewise, our team will be using hand sanitiser and thoroughly cleaning all equipment throughout the visit.

1. Track and Trace

Track and Trace bar codes will be available upon entering the event.

2. Queueing

Everybody attending the event over the age of 11 must wear a face mask when queueing and when entering Left Bank Leeds (same as café and restaurant guidelines).

3. Face Mask

You must wear a facemask whenever you are not seated in the space.

4. One Way System

There will be a one way system for all attendees to follow inside the venue, which will be in the form of arrows on the floor.

5. Once Seated

Once seated you may remove your mask to enjoy the show and any food and drink you decide to purchase.

6. Socially Distanced

You will be seated at your own socially distanced family bench or chair where you can enjoy the show from.

7. Good Parenting

We request that you keep children with you at ALL times.

8. No Touching

We kindly request that nobody touches the dinosaurs as they roam around the room during the show.

9. Picture Time!

After the show you will have the opportunity to get a picture with the dinosaurs, please follow the one-way system and instructions will be given on the day by the team. In advance, we do request you are patient to minimise queueing.

10. Merchandise

Merchandise including T-Shirts, posters and dinosaur toys will be available for purchase on the day.

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