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Making Memories

As former teachers ourselves, the team at Teach Rex understands that retaining information and having memorable experiences are both fundamental to primary school learning. Positive memories that last a lifetime are key to young children developing a strong foundation of knowledge and transferable skills. Not only that, but associating the learning process with fun experiences engenders a love of learning that will remain with students well into adulthood.

This has always been at the heart of the Teach Rex philosophy, underpinning everything we do as we travel from school to school, making some of those fun and exciting memories for the children we work with. Our goal is to make learning accessible, memorable, and something that students want to engage in.

During the very first term that we set up Teach Rex, one of the first schools we visited was Felstead Prep in Essex. In those days, our workshops were very much our side hustle. We were still working in school four days a week, teaching Year 1 and Year 6 students, respectively. With just one day a week to spare, we went on the road with our dinosaurs, and every school we booked felt like a massive achievement, just as it does today.

Like many schools we have worked with from the very start, we have been privileged to forge an incredible working relationship with Felsted Prep and its staff. We return every year to deliver our latest workshop to their new intake of Year 1 pupils.

This year was no different, as we returned to the school in January for another day of teaching and learning. I was greeted by a young lady called Imogen, who saw me in the corridor, gave me a big smile, and proceeded to ask me how Jam was doing. Currently in Year 5 at Felsted Prep, she was one of the students who attended our first workshop at the school back in 2019. Not only did she remember me, she also remembered the name of the oldest member of our dinosaur family. The fact that she retained this information some five years after first meeting us made me realise how important the work we do is.

It wasn’t just these couple of bits of trivia, either. Imogen went on to tell me all about the workshop she took part in and the learning that took place in school after we left. It was an incredible experience for me, making all of the work and time invested in Teach Rex totally worth it.

Teach Rex is so much more than bringing a dinosaur to school. The solid foundations of retaining information and loving to learn are as strong as they have ever been, and the throwaway line from the young lady demonstrates that beyond any doubt.

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