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Our Dubai Trip

2022 has been an exciting year for the Teach Rex team. After a couple of years where our plans were affected by various pandemic restrictions, we’ve finally gotten back in the saddle. Not only have we put on more workshops for schools across the UK than ever before, we’ve also stepped outside of the British Isles and begun presenting some of those workshops in Dubai.

That’s right, Teach Rex is on its way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Out into the world

After building a name for ourselves in the UK, the idea of starting over in a different country was scary and exciting in equal measure. Our first trip to Dubai took place in November, where we performed our “Gorillas: Our World” workshop in front of classes from two schools in the emirate. You know, you really haven’t lived until you’ve tried to pass a life-size gorilla through customs, and that’s not a sentence we ever thought we’d have to write.

Luckily, things went off without a hitch, and with Thomas safely stowed in the plane’s luggage hold, our incredible journey could begin.

Meeting the children

Dubai is such a beautiful and exciting part of the world, but we couldn’t get to see as much of it as we would have liked. Just like when we’re teaching at home, our focus is on our workshops and the hundreds of pupils we knew were coming to see them over the course of the week. It’s always great meeting each new class of pupils whenever we run our gorilla workshop, and this was no different. The children we taught were fun, polite, and eager to learn about Thomas and his story, and we can’t wait to return with more workshops for more schools.

Moving forward

Understandably, we have been asked whether this trip and others like it will have any impact on our work here in the UK. The answer to that is: absolutely not. We are totally committed to providing the same high quality of educational workshops in UK schools, so much so that we are currently running two workshop teams concurrently, meaning we can present at two different schools at a time. On those occasions where we don’t have a double booking in the UK, we’re now able to explore new opportunities.

For instance, thanks to our experience in Dubai, we’re already seeing doors open elsewhere, including a series of sustainability workshops in Cairo as well as conversations with other schools all over the world.

Dinosaurs in Dubai

Following the success of our gorilla workshops, we are pleased to announce that we are returning to Dubai with our family of dinosaurs. This is something that we have always wanted to do since dinosaurs are what put us where we are today. This second trip in January 2023 is already fully booked, with our team presenting workshops in five new schools this time around. However, plans are afoot for another tour of Dubai later in the year.

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